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Key Public Speaking Skills Course

About Your Instructor

Peter is the author of How to Master Public Speaking.


He was the Massachusetts Speech and Debate League State Champion, he has won 27 awards as a competitive public speaker, and he was the Champion of 8 different state-wide speech competitions.


He has coached hundreds of successful competitive public speakers, and has also won a national competition.


He has spent days analyzing political speeches and the famous speeches of history to discover the specific public speaking techniques that make them so powerful.


When he worked in the Massachusetts Statehouse, he saw first-hand the public speaking techniques used by Senators and Representatives on the parliamentary floor.


He has recieved a seal of special distinction from the Massachusetts Speech and Debate League for accumulating over 500 speaker points. He has read countless books and scientific articles on communication and audience psychology.


He has also overcome a speech impediment, that can still be heard.


You are in good hands.

What You Learn

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20 key concepts.


Module 1: introduction to the course.

Module 2: background:


  • The public speaking triad.

  • The speaker's toolbox.

  • The mental frame.

  • Defeating the anxiety and gaining confidence.

  • Kairos.


Module 3: use of words.


  • The substance equation.

  • Saliency, intensity, and stability.

  • Inclusive language.

  • Frame elevation.

  • Theme-subject synergy.


Module 4: use of voice.


  • Breaking-rapport tonality.

  • The mask-and-breath projection technique.

  • Inner-sentence vocal variation.

  • Hook and climax pausing.

  • Voice-content alignment.


Module 5: use of body.


  • 4-corner eye-contact.

  • Open posture.

  • Comfort gestures.

  • Reflective gestures.

  • 3-point movement.

Anchor 1

Module 1 - Introduction

Module 2 - Background

Module 3 - Use of Words

Module 4 - Use of Voice

Module 5 - Use of Body


Thank you for watching this course (which probably means you've bought my book, so thanks for that too).


If you have questions or comments about anything covered in this course, or in How to Master Public Speaking, please email me at


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